Hard Work Generates Results

If there’s one word in the dictionary that describes Audrey it’s driven. This girl didn’t miss a workout and every moment she was in the gym was a head down and get it done type of occasion. Her focus with the program is amazing when you factor in she’s a mother of three little rugrats, has a full time job and goes to school. I often wondered if she had a found someway to have a 28 hour day and just never told anyone.

Audrey first contacted us when I was away on holidays, we went back and forth with our emails and she had convinced me to let her start the program 2-weeks early. When I got back I asked Jeff what she was like, and with big giant eyes he answered: “intense”. Then I had the pleasure of meeting her, and Jeff was spot on. Don’t get me wrong we like intensity but it can sometimes be hard to manage, but not with Audrey. All we had to do is point her in right direction and she went for it. As we got to know her we found out this intensity isn’t limited to the gym, everything she sets her mind to she does to the best of her ability.

As we moved along in her program we could see her body changed, all of a sudden she had awesome shoulders, then her back started to show, and the last little bit her hips and waist just tightened up. It was a lot of fun to see. The best part of her transformation was watching her confidence skyrocket. This is saying a lot since she was very confident coming into the program, but when you see someone become comfortable in their own skin it’s truly a magical moment.

Audrey’s shoot was a lot of fun. Her pearly whites were only outdone by her abs. A side note is that Audrey is our first mother of three to do the program. Audrey’s confidence and natural radiance made the shoot easy, I’ve said it before but I will say it again, “confidence is sexy”.

Needless to say we are all very proud of Audrey, and very thankful she has decide to stick around with us, truly an inspiration for anybody who has the pleasure of meeting her.



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