Hard Work Generates Results

If I had to describe Brenna in one word it would be smiley. If I were to expand that to a few more words it would be smiley and hard working. It was a guarantee that when Brenna was at Aspire she would be flashing her pearly whites. Every challenge I’ve seen Brenna she attacks with enthusiasm and gusto. Brenna became well known in the gym, everyone was attracted to her magnetic personality and in awe of her hard work. Through out the program she would push herself hard and when she was catching her breath she would find the time to cheer somebody else on.

Everyone who does the program has their own unique challenges, for Brenna her biggest challenge came in the form of scheduling. Sometimes having to double up on workouts she made sure she finished the program. This all contributed to her awesome achievement of losing 18 pounds of fat. Numbers aside we all saw a huge improvement in her confidence, I guess that happens when you work hard and make huge improvements in your physical health and wellness.

The shoot; the combination of confidence and a traffic stopping smile created a fantastic experience for us. She came in with very unique ideas, in fact she also had a P2P first. It was the first time we had a firearm in a shoot. Besides being armed and dangerous, she was also a natural in front of the camera. That Brenna smile always showed up, I would say the toughest thing for her were pictures that she couldn’t smile for.

I’m looking forward to throwing Brenna up on our wall of fame, another great testament to what hard work can do. Well done Brenna, your Aspire friends and family are very proud of you!


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