Hard Work Generates Results

You’ll often hear me talking about adding feathers to your cap. But what does that mean… at least in the context I use it? Well I look at the road of healthy living as a journey that has milestones as you go along. You might go into a gym thinking I want to lose weight, but what you might not realise is that from when you start, to when you hit that goal, you have accomplished much more than just losing weight. If you’re doing everything right, from when you started your little venture to when you reached the destination, you’ll have increased your overall muscular strength, increased cardiovascular capacity, had little fitness milestones… lots of these little “feathers” have gotten you to your goal.


If you pay attention to the way we design workouts for clients you’ll notice we put these sneaky little milestones in. They are different for everyone, for some it might be running for a minute straight without struggling. For others it might be getting 10 pull-ups for the first time. These feathers are relative, this is also why we don’t care for comparing clients to each other. You should compare yourself to yourself in the past. Did you get better? If you can say yes then you’re doing great!

There’s one workout in the Push-Ups to Pinups where it starts with 225 push-ups. Everybody talks about this… at first they talk about it in a negative light but after stopping and thinking about it, it becomes a badge of honour. Something to look back on with fondness and pride. Throughout anyone’s journey down the fitness road there will be those workouts that stick out in your memory. These are the feathers, you hate them but you also love them. They are why we workout, because we like having those fond moments to look back on. Maybe not why we workout but it’s a definite bonus to the whole process.

So to wrap this up I’d like to put it out there to anybody who has been challenged by an Aspire workout to tell us about it. Post it here.