Hard Work Generates Results

I had the pleasure of meeting a very interesting young lady last week, she was looking at our Push-Ups to Pinups program. I answered her questions and we left it at “we’ll be in touch”. Now through the power of mutual friends and Facebook I stumbled across her profile, I did what I do best and Facebook creeped her. I was doing the usual, checking out pics, seeing mutual friends but then this little nugget of a post to a link for a GoFundMe campaign (click here to see the Campaign).
I took a look, it seems she was asking for help because she wants to do Push-Ups to Pinups. That took me back, I was honoured that somebody would open up to the internet so she could do one of our programs. Truthfully I was touched, which is partially why I’m writing this. The other reason I’m writing this is because I started thinking back to the other clients here.

A smart man once told me “you can have anything you want in life, it’s just a matter of what you’re willing to sacrifice”. Now at first I took this as financial sacrifice, but as I got older and wiser that scope opened up. It isn’t only limited to money, in fact I would imagine money would be a very small slice of a pie chart of sacrifice. Looking at some of our clients, they sacrifice sleep, time with friends, etc. This would be the cost of seeing results, now our job is to make sure the benefits out-weigh the cost. It’s something we’ve always known, but I do believe this is the first time I’ve put this to paper (in a digital sense). I would say this mentality should transcend all facets of business. Even if somebody just comes into check out our place, they’ve sacrificed their time, it’s now our job to make their time here worth it. Looking at the staff we have it is safe to say they give it their all to make someone’s time with us, worth it. I would compare us to a restaurant you consider the cost of going to a restaurant is more than staying home and making it yourself, but it earns it’s value in the experience and hopefully expertise of a the cooks. In this example, making the workouts is us cooking up a meal, but the service side is the whole Aspire experience, from the moment you step in the door till the “see you next time”. The cost-benefit of our industry is something we are very conscious of and strive to always improve it.

I now have the sense of rambling, but I think I will just keep typing until I come to a point.

Now to get back on course, I was moved by Nicky’s story of her past and her motivation for wanting to do our program. Nicky has sacrificed her privacy, it is now our responsibility to make sure it was worth it, and it’s a responsibility we take serious with all of our clients. Now I’m not trying to solicit people to make a donation towards her goal, just read her story she has posted. And if it strikes a chord with you, do what feels right.