Hard Work Generates Results

The first time I met Marcia it started with a bang right off the top. I promised her I would put this in her little write up, so without fail. As I was explaining the program and answering her questions about her next 12-weeks, a beautiful, some might sight majestic string of slobber dripped from her mouth right onto my desk. Both of us stopped talking and just looked at it. After that moment of silence that felt like 30 minutes I informed her that there were no ifs ands or buts, I was going to put that on her page when she was done.

Marcia has that right level of head down do your work and laugh at yourself personality, I think that’s why she did so well in the program. When the time came to work hard it was the no nonsense Marcia, when it was acceptable to relax, she would entertain those around her with her funny stories and such. You’d be hard pressed to find somebody at the gym who didn’t know who Marcia is, her strong personality was a great addition to the gym, always encouraging those around her even if she was struggling with her workout. Truly a great compliment to our awesome client roster.

Through out the program Marcia never ceased to amaze, when some people come in and say “I’m going to give you 100%” you take it with a grain of salt. In fact she may have actually given 110% at some point. Her progress was quick because of her drive and determination. Her bi-weekly measurements were always a pleasure as she kept plugging away and making big leaps and bounds towards her goal. Fun fact about Marcia, she is a grand mother! One of those “WHAT?!?!” moments when she first told me that, and I know when people see her picture on our wall they ask about her and they are all blown away when I tell them about her granddaughter. In fact someone once guess her age at 23 years old, after seeing her picture. I don’t want to spill the beans but I have to, she is actually 33 years old [wink].

Now when I say Marcia has a big personality I truly mean it, ask anybody who has been in the same room as her they will tell you the same. Now this big personality came out during her shoot, she knew what she wanted and we weren’t leaving until we got it. I should have expected it, since for the 12-weeks prior that attitude is what drove her through the program.

Marcia has left her mark at Aspire, clients who had the pleasure of meeting her still ask about her. You could argue that her legacy is a result of her loud booming laugh but I truly feel it’s because she was someone people strive to emulate. Her hard work was contagious. Great job Marcia, everyone here is very proud to have your photo on our wall of fame, you did awesome!

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