Hard Work Generates Results

Some people really make their shoot their own, Krystena was one of them. She brought her own unique aspects of her life in front of the camera, we love this. Push-ups to Pinups is about feeling good about yourself as a unique individual so anything outside of the common mold is great. Before I get to ahead of myself let’s rewind to the first bit of her program.

Krystena took on the challenge like a champ, it can be hard to juggle your time with this program, but Krys was able to manage her work commitments on top of the homework and workouts done with us. No small feat for someone as busy as her. Every testing session was good news, she would keep moving towards her goal, making our job that much easier. Nothing stresses us out more than not seeing progress.

As we got closer to her shoot her ideas start to become more vocal, I started to get pretty excited. I knew what some of her interests were but wasn’t sure how we were going to capture that in a photo, but she seemed to have some great ideas. So we kept on keeping on and pushed hard to the photo shoot.

The day of the shoot was awesome, it was just her, myself, Kelly and her violin. Between shoots she would entertain us with some sweet tunes. Definitely a first for us, but no complaints on my end, it’s truly a great deal of fun to see (or hear) someone show off their unique passions.

Well done Krys, everyone here is very proud of your hard work. Keep up the good work!


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