Hard Work Generates Results

I think one of the neatest things about this whole program is that you get to meet so many unique people, everybody comes in with their own reasons for doing it and have their own passions in life. Colleen is a prime example, Aspire has known Colleen for a few years now and every time she comes to us it seems she has something new on the go. I’m not exaggerating this, if memory serves she was once a potato peeler with her friend Brenda. Doesn’t seem like something you’d expect from someone who is so mild mannered and frankly such a sweetheart. We first met her when her and a friend were attempting a hike across Ireland, the photo proudly sits on our wall now.

I guess Colleen felt it was time to add something new to her resume so she signed up for Push-Ups to Pinups. Having worked with her before we knew she would be a good fit in the program and a great deal of fun. She didn’t disappoint, always a pleasure to have her in the gym. Sometimes it took a little more effort to keep her focused on the workout, but that’s ok we still love having her in here.

She happened to be a first in our shoots, if you’ve seen her pictures you know what I’m talking about. We were able to accommodate her puppy, it’s great when we get to include important aspects of someone’s life in their shoot. Her dog even got her own moment in the spotlight with a couple of solo shots! I tip my hat to Colleen who made the shoot her own and was a ton of fun. It’s always been a pleasure working with her and we look forward to working with her towards what ever her next goal is.

Great job!

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