Hard Work Generates Results

I have been looking forward to writing this one, since I’ve gotten to know Brittany she has emerged in my eyes as a confident hard working person. That might get lost in her calm and quiet demeanour, but looking back at her 12-weeks with us, it’s hard to think of any moment where she wasn’t going 100%.

Her shoot was where I really started to understand the phenom we call Brittany, her reserved self isn’t being anti-social it’s just a “put your head down and work” type of scenario. When all her hard work came to a point she let her hair down (literally) and started cracking that giant smile. I had a lot of fun working with her but that is trumped by the amount of fun I had at her shoot. Through out the shoot she was cracking jokes and helping everybody around her stay relaxed, and just made a overall great environment for what we were doing. It was also during her shoot I found out just how bendy she really is (note the picture with all the bendiness).

I’m expecting to have her picture up on our wall tomorrow and I can’t wait to tell that story of Brittany, the quiet girl who busted her butt and rocked it in front of the camera. Well done Brit, your peeps here at the gym are proud of you, and I guess only I will know that you can actually speak and can be very funny if the mood strikes you. Well done!


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