Hard Work Generates Results

I think the funniest memory I have of Dawn is late one week we asked what she was doing for the weekend her answer in her quiet voice “Ummm, getting married”. We knew she was getting married somewhere during the program but it had slipped our memory, truthfully most people who are doing the program near their wedding are usually very vocal about it. Not our soft spoken Dawn.

There are clients that come our way that just put their head down and work hard, Dawn is one of them. She needed very little motivation just a little push in the right direction here and there! I can remember suggesting to her to grab heavier weights and with a subtle smile would go grab heavier weights and get to work with her. It almost became a test of what we could say to her before she wouldn’t return that little smile. That little smile turned out to be a pretty big room illuminating smile when it needed to be.

Her shoot was a fun day, she was there cheering everyone on while they shot with her. One thing I didn’t really notice until Kelly, the photographer, pointed out was how strong Dawn’s facial features are. Now when I look back at her pictures it’s all I see, those soul piercing eyes! Everybody here is very proud of Dawn’s achievements throughout the program. Her picture hanging on our wall will always be a constant reminder of her hard yet quiet work. Well done!

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