Hard Work Generates Results

I am very excited to write this one, but also very nervous. I just hope my words I scribble on here do Brooke and all her hard work justice. It is hard to conjure up a more recognizable client than Brooke. As I’m writing this I got a quick glance of her bright coloured shoes.The relationship between Brooke and Aspire starts way back, a few years ago we had a boot camp that Brooke took part in. After that finished, she stuck around and kept picking away at her goals. Shortly after she took up running, which is weird because she always told me that she hated running. But we’re never going to say no to somebody trying something new. So she took on her first 5k run. This moved on to 10k runs, half marathons, and a full marathon. So from this little lady who hated running, now runs more races than any other client we have.

Brooke finished her last race of 2013 and took on the challenge of Push-Ups to Pinups. When the staff here found out, we were so excited for her and truthfully, we were excited to brag about Brooke. We had no doubt in our minds that she would excel at the program. To say she worked hard wouldn’t do her justice, almost immediately we started to notice Brooke’s shape changing. We started asking how the program was going and she mentioned how she was going above and beyond the prescribed workouts. A great testament to hard working attitude.

I will admit that I didn’t recognize Brooke when I saw her at her shoot. In fact I asked the staff at Puressence where Brooke was and they looked at me like my hair was on fire and said “In the chair getting her hair done”. I guess without the bright shoes she’s a little harder to find, that or the fact that she now has bangs. Her shoot went flawlessly, she rocked it. As it turns out a lot of people were paying attention to Brooke, the next day after her shoot almost the entire gym was asking me how her shoot went.

I love the fact that we have two pictures of Brooke on the wall, one of her running and now one of her all dolled up. It’s a great testament to her hard work and her journey to her healthy lifestyle! Well done.  Brooke is super awesome! So awesome.

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