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Aspire Fitness

Readers Choice – Best Health/Fitness Club (West)


I’ve been sitting on this one for almost a month and it’s been killing me, I’m not very good at keeping secrets like this. But finally the day has come where I can finally open my mouth and let it out! Thank you to everybody who voted Aspire as the Best Health/Fitness Club in Western Canada! I was shocked when I found out about this, it’s such an honor to be voted for by the most important people in the Aspire Family, which is of course our great clients. Thank you everybody for being part of the team that has now been named the Best Health/Fitness Club in Western Canada. And a big shout out to Jeff, Jenna, Sherri and Suzanne for being part of the family and working hard to make Aspire a great place to workout and more importantly a great place to challenge yourself and take on new goals. Check out the rest of the winners….