Hard Work Generates Results

There are certain people during the program who are sneaky, and I mean this in a very sincere way. My impression of Haley throughout the Push-Ups to Pinups program was that she was a quiet young lady, who would smile every so often. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s a gym nobody expects you to be a big ball of sunshine. Maybe she just didn’t like the gym, but at the shoot, out came a beautiful young friendly smiley lady. It was awesome in a sneaky sort of way.

Like I mentioned Haley wasn’t the most vociferous person in the gym but this didn’t mean she didn’t work hard. Every time you’d look over at her she was pushing herself hard, taking very little rest and just going full pull. Her hard work resulted in 10lbs of fat loss, and left her with a healthy fit and feminine body.

Her shoot was so much fun, we were with a great group of people who were there to have fun. And we did! I think this energy we had during the shoot really helped Haley come out of her shell and deliver some amazing shots. Nothing is better than when you know somebody is beautiful and the pictures can capture that. She is a splendid person to be around and is truly amazing in every facet I know her. Everyone at Aspire is very proud of her hard work and will be a badge of pride on our wall of fame.

Great job Haley you’re the best!

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