Hard Work Generates Results

I had been procrastinating with this one for a while, but after running into Lisa at Earls over the weekend felt I finally had the motivation to get this done. So there I was sitting across the lounge watching her eat, it was a sight to say the least. Her lips smacking as she devoured every starch on the menu. There is a very strong chance I’m exaggerating this, but none the less seeing her finally kicked by butt into gear to finish her write up.

Lisa brought a unique style to the whole program, I always looked forward to seeing her workout shirts and very rarely was I ever underwhelmed by her obscure graphic tank tops. In all reality it is very easy to sit back and discuss Lisa’s accomplishments during the program. It would be easy to just say she lost 20lbs of body fat and move on, but I would argue her biggest triumphs were not based on the scale. Throughout the program it was becoming very obvious that she was getting much stronger than the first few weeks may have indicated. During the program we are always encouraging the ladies to grab heavier weights and always push their comfort zone. Lisa got pretty comfy outside that zone, I remember watching her lift and going to grab heavier weights the next time.

I look forward to every photo shoot, but I remember all day wondering what sort of wonderment Lisa was going to bring. Turns out it presented one of the most memorable shoots to date, everybody who shot that day meshed so well and we had a truly great day. There was so much positive energy in the shoot that it would have been hard not to get photos from everybody. If there was one word to describe Lisa it would be “smile” she is always sporting the pearly whites, I even remember Kelly trying to get Lisa to look angry for a shot, it looked like the most awkward scene I’ve ever seen. Turns out she can’t do anything but smile.

It’s needless to say we are very happy Lisa stepped into Aspire, she was a great energy to have in here and a true pleasure to work with! Great job.


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