Hard Work Generates Results

For the first 3 weeks of Shauna’s time here I was convinced she hated me, in fact there is still a good chance she can’t stand me but just hides it better. I was taken aback by Shauna’s dry sense of humour and abrupt sarcasm. Anybody that knows her knows what I’m talking about. Like us or hate us we still had a job to do so we smiled and grinned and helped her get through everything.

People like Shauna are the spice of life, you never know what you’re going to get. Some days she would come in smiling, and some days (most) she would come in questioning why people would workout. Regardless of her feelings that day she would still bear down and get it done. Because of this we enjoyed Shauna no matter what her mood, grumpy push-ups are just as much fun to watch as happy smiley push-ups.

The rumor around the water cooler is that the day before her shoot, between sets, she could be found asking every other Pinup in the gym why they were doing this because they’re beautiful just the way they are. This is the sense of humour Shauna brings. Of course we all know people are beautiful in any shape or size, but those who signed up for this are usually looking for some exceptionally glamorous pictures! At her shoot, things escalated quickly. We went from a quiet girl to somebody who would put on any clothes she could find just for a photo. And if I’m not mistaken we saw an authentic smile a few times on camera. I must admit I had a great deal of fun at Shauna’s shoot, I’m still not convinced she doesn’t hate me but at least I have been fortunate enough to see a real smile and hear a “from the bottom of her stomach” laugh.

Congrats Shauna we’re very happy you came to see us it was a great deal of fun, and we’re very proud of your accomplishments, not just the photos but the increases you made in strength and endurance were just the icing on the cake.

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