Hard Work Generates Results

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Nancy is teeth, well at least for me. You see I have never been witness to her not smiling. You might think it impossible for somebody to always be smiling but Nancy would put that doubt to rest, she comes into the gym with such a positive attitude and demeanor that everybody around her is filled with a rush of happiness. Since the first day I’ve met her she has been a great person to have around.

The second thing that comes to mind when I think of Nancy, is lunges. It seemed like every time I looked out my office window I would see Nancy lunging outside. I don’t even remember putting that many lunges in the program. But there she was as sure as the sun rises outside lunging.

Since we’ve started this program I don’t think I’ve seen so many members of Aspire take an interest in a pinup, after her shoot I was riddled with one question from clients “are Nancy’s photos done?” If you watch how Nancy interacts with clients here you’ll understand, she is such a supporter for those around her. Always paying those who work hard a compliment and those who are struggling a word of encouragement. It’s almost like having a fitness mom in the gym.

The shoot, what a great time! It has become a common feeling to have a rush of pride and admiration during a shoot, no difference with this one. Seeing how hard she worked for 12 weeks and seeing her great results at the shoot was a great experience for us at Aspire. When you see somebody work hard unequivocally for 12 weeks and see them light up a shoot it’s an unexplainable feeling. I’m tasked with expressing the feelings of pride and admiration of everybody here at Aspire towards Nancy. I hope I do it justice. Great job and thanks for being the person you are!

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