Hard Work Generates Results

When Stephanie started the program she was already an active person and she didn’t take very long to get comfortable with the program. Like most people it was tricky to juggle life and the training but Stephanie found a way to fit in her motherly duties, her work responsibilities and her P2P workouts. It was fun watching her measurements get closer to her goals with each test, and it was even better to see her excitement grow with each bout of testing.

Everybody who comes through the program brings their own unique flare to the photo shoot and Steph was no exception, there is no doubt she has an eye for style. She was even able to secure an awesome location to shoot, I absolutely loved the location, and it was perfect for her look and what she had in mind. If anybody could pull off the pinup look it was Steph and she did. I love the photo with her on the checkered floor with the red chairs, everything about it is just so great. The way all the colours come together is nothing short of what we would have expected from Steph, such attention to detail in colour and tone really paid off here.

A very special congrats to Steph, your photos look great and I’m so happy that we got to have pics of you and your daughter!



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