Hard Work Generates Results

My first impression of Kayla… this chick never stops smiling. For the 84 days of the program all anybody ever saw when they looked her way was a full set of pearly whites. When we first sat down and chatted about doing the program I asked if she was nervous about the shoot, her answer, in a very humble way was that no “I’m actually very photogenic”. I rolled my eyes skeptically but after she left my office I went and Facebook creeped her… and it turns out there has never been a bad picture taken of her.Kayla brings a very fun and positive energy into the gym, there was never a moment that she didn’t lighten up the gym. All of this coupled with her hard work is why she was able to realize such great results; in the short 12-week Kayla lost 32lbs of body fat and lost 8inches around just her hips and waist. It is amazing to think she did all this hard work while being so positive the whole time. Body measurements aside “Zoops” made some impressive improvements in her strength, when she would be lifting a weight that was slightly light, all we would have to do is look at her and she would smile and grab heavier weights. It became standard practice to just look her way every so often with that look of derision. Maybe it was our ability to cue this face up at a moment’s notice or maybe it was just that she is such a dedicated person, we will never know.Now for her photo shoot, when I first saw her that day she was her normal smiley self. At the shoot… nothing changed, except that she had augmented her smiling with an energetic dance type movement. Nothing can knock this girl down, if she was nervous you’d never have known it. She was so easy to work with, willing to try anything Kelly or I would suggest. “Hey jump up in this window sill”, her response “sure why not?” it was that easy. We have worked with over 50 women at various photo shoots and it would be safe to say she easily is in the top 50 in terms of charisma.

Everybody here staff and clients are very happy she did the program, we love the fact that she was so successful but also having her here was such a great part of our day. Congrats on continuing to be “Actually very photogenic”.


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First Shoot – August 2013

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Second Shoot – November 2013

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