Hard Work Generates Results

This young lady was driven by her boyfriend telling her she wouldn’t be able to do something like this to the end. Upon the first meeting with Fallon she left on the fence about whether she wanted to do the program or not. A couple of days later she signed up, with the intent to prove him wrong and to show him she could see the program through to the end.

We often joked around as a staff that Fallon doesn’t feel anything, no matter what would be on the board she would just do it. Yesterday I was in the gym while she worked out, it was a horrible workout filled with burpies, mat hops and every hated exercise we have. She just pushed through, never missing a step, I don’t think she complained once, just occasionally had a sip of water. This led us to believe that potentially she isn’t human, this has yet to be confirmed. Her hard work in the gym really paid off, she wasn’t the strongest of people when she started, but after a few weeks she really started to lift adult-sized weights. This superhuman (or non-human) ability to make such big strides with strength is what led her to making such big gains in terms of body composition, during the program she lost 20lbs of fat while gaining close to 10lbs of lean body mass.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Fallon at her shoot, I had only known her to be the put your head down and work type of person. Turns out she can do photos as well as work hard. She was paired up with Kayla, both of them had become friends during the program, and worked very well together during the shoot. It can be a concern that somebody’s character doesn’t come through in pictures because of nerves or what have you, I think it’s safe to say she rocked the shoot.

I’m glad to say that Fallon has chosen to continue on with us, we look forward to her drive and determination continuing to motivate those around her. We’re all very proud of what she has accomplished, it is great to see that her photogenic side is equal or greater to her drive.

Job well done!


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Fallon’s second shoot (November 2013)

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Fallon’s first shoot (August 2013)

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