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After a weekend of weeding through the many different options available for an adventure race now, I’ve narrowed down 4 races for 2014. Now the awesome part, no race is the same. That’s right we have 4 races by four different companies! Join us for an Aspire Fitness first… four different races! You have the chance to be part of history…AFART-Training


Spartan Sprint – February 8th, 2014 (Phoenix)

Registration – Team Name: “Aspire Fitness Adventure Race Team” Password: “afart2014”

Transportation – This is a flying trip, and flights from Winnipeg to Phoenix are around $550-600 round trip.

Housing – We will be renting a house and splitting the cost between the occupants. Fundraising will go towards Friday and Saturday night, if people want to stay in the house after that arrangements can be made.

Others – Not required but could be a great time is the Chicago and Phoenix hockey game on the Thursday at 700pm (local time)

Schedule – How I see it happening, fly down Thursday and return Sunday. But as always you’re more than welcome to extend your trip. As long as you’re ready to race Saturday (afternoon start) you’re good to go.


With any flying trip there will be fundraising involved. Our goal is to cover the cost of the following (in order of priority); Housing, Car Rental, Race Clothing and Groceries.

Fundscrip Gift Cards

Warrior Dash – June 7th (Nebraska)

Registration – There is no team registration for this race, if you’re planning on running with us please sign up for the 915a slot.

Transportation – Nothing screams team camaraderie like a 12 hour car ride down south. Fuel costs assuming 4 people in a vehicle should be around $135/each round trip (assuming Fuel cost – $1.80/litre and 12L/100KM fuel mileage)

Housing – This is a good old fashion camping trip. Site will be determined at a later date.

Others – I’m sure there are things to do in Nebraska (http://www.tripadvisor.ca/Attractions-g60885-Activities-Omaha_Nebraska.html) but the drive through the Black Hills, SD is breath taking. And there’s a lot of cool things to see along the way.

Schedule – Leave Friday morning (or Thursday if enough people available), race Saturday return Sunday (or Monday if available).

Tough Mudder – July 19th (Minneapolis)

Registration – Team Name: “Aspire Fitness Adventure Race Team” Password: “afart2014”

Transportation – Whats another 8 hours of driving with friends? (~$100/each –¬†assuming Fuel cost – $1.80/litre and 12L/100KM fuel mileage and 4 people per car)

Housing – Don’t pack your camping gear just yet, we’re still going to need it for this one!

Others – Anywhere but Psycho Suzie’s in Minneapolis (those who came with us in 2013 will understand that one)

Schedule – Leave Friday morning (or Thursday if enough people available), race Saturday return Sunday (or Monday if available).

Dirty Donkey – August 16th (Winnipeg)


What a way to wrap up the 2014 schedule in our own backyard. Come spill some suds with us at Manitoba’s own Dirty Donkey.

password is: tuy33feg

Interested in joining us?

Let us know what race(s) you’d like to try out!

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