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Pushups to Pinups | Shawn

I purposely waited till after her wedding to write Shawn’s page. Shawn had signed up for Pushups to Pinups as a way to get ready for her wedding, a goal that was released and made evident in an email she sent me the day after her shoot. “Haha P2P ruined my dress fitting today. I ordered size 16 and I’m now size 10… the dress was a giant sack on me. The seamstress didn’t even pin the dress cuz she said there’s no point if I lose more weight “. Even though we don’t like to “ruin” anything, it’s hard not to feel a sense of pride for a client when this happens. Fast forward to this morning… I had been anxiously waiting for her to update her Facebook profile to see a picture of her in her dress. Even though it required a great deal of alternations, she and the dress both looked gorgeous.

Rewind to her first couple of weeks with us. Now the beginning of a new program isn’t easy no matter who you are. Shawn was no exception, she did have her ups and downs, but regardless of whether it was a high or low point she always pushed hard. Not letting anything get in her way. It was a frequent among the trainers here that “Shawn busts her butt every time she’s here”. This was no exaggeration, when she stepped through the doors she was there to do her “job” and she was going to get it done.

Her shoot was a great deal of fun. She came in with her big smile, and just rolled with it. Always up for anything, we quickly realized she had a knack for photography. Where most people struggle with the smile, don’t smile, half smile type of environment she did very well in it. Never ruining a photo with a blink or anything, she just looked great on every shot.

All though her shoot was the end goal of the program, her wedding was the major goal for her and all of us here. Seeing her photos this morning on Facebook was a quick reminder of how much hard work she put in. A very special congrats to Shawn, and best of luck in this new chapter of your life. We’re very proud of your accomplishments and glad to have had the chance to work with you.


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