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Pushups to Pinups | Tracy & Laird

Our first couple ever to do Pushups to Pinups, not only were they the first couple they are also the first to do it as an online program. Tracy and Laird first approached me about doing the program after a friend of theirs had just finished her shoot, a few phone calls with Laird he finally convinced me they would be great candidates to do the program online. Now the problem and this is where my hesitation lied is that we’re not set up to do online training (yet). So even though they weren’t in the gym the workload for us was is the same as if they were here. Laird’s persistence paid off, I agreed to it, knowing that this meant I would be spending a few weekends writing descriptions for all the exercises for the program etc. One stipulation we had for the program was that they had to come into Winnipeg every two weeks for their measurements and a workout so we could assess their progress.So every two weeks we were greeted with two very high energy motivated individuals, one of which is probably one of the most prolific sweaters I’ve ever seen. Regardless of perspiration they were great people to work with, always working hard and always looking for the next challenge. It’s worth mentioning that we caught on to Laird’s technique to extend his rest periods, we quickly noticed that Laird would start telling stories during the hard parts of his workouts.

One advantage of doing a couples program quickly became obvious with Tracy and Laird is that each other become the others fan club. Where for us one of the hardest things is keeping people motivated, these two had each other, it really took the pressure off us where we could focus on their training. Every workout we saw here with us they would push one another to the end of it in their little way only a couple would know how to do.

The shoot was a great deal of fun, leading up to the shoot I remember Laird always talking about how he’s a guy “what are we going to do with me?” Well we found lots to do with him, Laird is an Ironman so of course we had to use that for his shoot. Enter his bike, I think we burnt the first 30 minutes of the shoot just looking at his bike as Laird explained every key feature to us. With the excitement of the bike behind us we turned out attention to Tracy who was already in her first outfit, and had been for about 20 minutes… oops. For those who aren’t used to being in front of the camera it can be a very tough first minutes, but with the support of her husband and son and mother there she didn’t have a choice but to be happy. It’s hard not to smile when the people most important to you are there cheering you on. Throughout the day we did a lot of great shots with the both of them, we even tried a few new techniques (ie: Laird on his bike). It was a lot of fun for us, and I would say they had a pretty good time. As we were packing up Laird pulled me aside and just said “That was a lot of fun, way more than I thought”, looks like even though he’s a guy we still found something for him. In the hustle and bustle to pack up Laird forgot his sandals, I knew they were going for a family meal after so I quickly snuck in to drop off the shoes. I walked into a greasy pepperoni pizza being devoured by the two of them. A great reward for all their hard work.

Even though I was nervous about a couple doing it as well as it being done from afar, they proved me wrong. Both of them were a great pleasure to work with and hopefully we will see them in here again. Congrats to both of you, but I think you both need to give each other a pat on the back, as it was obvious to everybody around you that you got each other through the program. Best of luck in all your future endeavors, you guys rock.

From everybody at Aspire, congrats!

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