Hard Work Generates Results

As we stumble through life there are a few people who can truly brighten up your day, this young lady is one of them. Savanna was always a pleasure to work; with her ear-to-ear smile and welcoming personality, she was a great addition to the gym environment. Savanna tackled the workouts with such energy and enthusiasm that very early in the program we knew she would do well. Savanna picked it up very quickly, she is a quick learner and pushed hard every workout.

It wasn’t long after her first week that Savanna brought her husband into the gym, it was amazing to see the level of support she offered him and he reciprocated. Both of them powered through their workouts each supporting one another in their own way. Her 12-weeks went by very quickly, it felt like she started and we blinked and boom it was time for her photo shoot.

Savanna brought her unique style and personality into the shoot. Her little poke-a-dot dress was one of my favourites, no matter what she chose to wear for her photos it was going to be over-shadowed by her natural personality and charisma. We are all very proud of Savanna’s accomplishments and are very stoked we got to spend 12 awesome weeks with her and her husband.

Congrats you’re awesome!