Hard Work Generates Results

I’m writing this on the heels of her sister “yelling” at me to write Riley’s write up. So I guess I have to now. While brainstorming this I can’t help but laugh out loud, she does have some pretty funny stories that happened here. The first that comes to mind, and I’m sure she was expecting this one to come up in the write up. Her first workout;She came in confident that her years of soccer had prepared her for this event. She was wrong, once the dust settles from somebody passing out it is fun to sit back and laugh. And that’s what we did, now I use the term “we” as in the staff here, she didn’t find it funny. We also later found out that she puked on the ride home, not a first for us but most definitely a first for her. After we got that little SNAFU out of the way, she worked hard and I mean hard. There wasn’t a moment she was in the gym that she wasn’t covered in sweat, it was like her body recognized she was in here and just started the water works.

It didn’t take long to start seeing changes with her, I remember watching her do a cross lat pull-down from my office and was shocked at how her back muscles were already starting to pop out. A true testament to her hard work. Now it should be noted that complimenting Riley doesn’t come easy for me so for me to say “wow you look good” was like pulling teeth. But I had to let her know that she was starting to show results and that we and everybody else in the gym had noticed.

Twelve weeks later, she ended the program like she started it, on her back staring at the gym ceiling. A fitting end for such a hard working person. After we again pointed and laughed again we bid her good luck at her shoot.

Her shoot… one might think that Riley isn’t a very friendly person because of her reluctance to smile, ever. Truth is she is a very fun person to be around and just had no idea how to smile. For about 2 hours all I heard from her was “Jason, I don’t know what to do”. That was obvious, but thanks to Kelly he was able to put her in positions that weren’t as awkward as they could have been. One of the most rewarding parts of our job is when somebody who doesn’t always see themselves in the same light as everybody else finally realizes that yes, they are sexy and that their hard work did pay off.

Congrats Ry, you look awesome and despite what we had both predicted prior to you starting the program, you were a lot of fun to work with. Looking forward to helping you with all your future endeavors.

Your pal,

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