Hard Work Generates Results

When Nicole first showed up at our door step she was looking for something new and exciting to replace her previous interests. She had always been active but having left the dance/gymnastics world a few years back had been looking for something to keep her fit. It was easy to work with her since she knew how hard she could push herself, all she needed was an occasional reminder.

With the help of her mother, Nicole did very well with the meal plan side of things, I know her mom was always prepping food and helping Nicole out that way. This opened up Nicole’s schedule to allow her to push hard at both the workouts and the homework. And boy did it ever pay off. From start to finish Nicole lost 15lbs of fat, while putting on 8lbs of lean body mass. Body weights aside the biggest difference we saw was the change in her muscle tone, all of a sudden her shoulders started revealing these well shaped deltoids, her stomach started to have some muscle lines, her legs tightened up, her arms started looking jacked. I would say there were many good days (she might argue this) but some of my favourites would have to be when she started digging deep into her closet to find clothes that fit, and an even better day, coming in and casually saying she bought a smaller size of pants.

Some people try to play it off like they’re not nervous before a shoot, not Nicole. She was very vocal that she was nervous, she didn’t know what she wanted to do and this worried her. With the support of some her P2P friends we started coming up with some really cool shots, one of my faves are the dance poses. It’s always great to see somebody’s athleticism come through in pictures. A very close second would have to be the jeans and sport coat pictures, I think most of that comes from having been there and seeing her having a good time and laughing during this set. At this point the nerves had calmed themselves and we were there just to have fun.

After the shoot, we went and grabbed some food (me and the two other ladies) a very common occurrence after a shoot. Normally we go out and have a drink and some grub and then I get them home, this time was slightly different. Ice cream was on the agenda, so there I sat watching three ladies eating ice cream. I don’t think Nicole blinked once during that whole ordeal, she was so focused on that cone, nothing was going to stop her from enjoying it.

Great job little one you did great, not just at the shoot but for the whole 12-weeks!


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