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Pushups to Pinups | Jill

I’ve been looking forward to writing this one for a while. Ever since Jill started up with the program she was a positive person. Even if she was sitting on the floor exhausted by an exercise and you asked how she was doing it would always be an energy filled “great!”. That’s just the type of person she is, since I’ve known her I have never seen her frown in any sort of downward turn at all. Always an ear to ear smile. She became a favorite at the gym not just with us but with other clients, because of this positive energy that just seemed to spill off of her.

For whatever reason we started seeing changes in Jill very quickly and was often mentioned in our weekly meeting, in regards to how hard she was working and just how quickly we were seeing results. Looking back now it’s easy to see why, every time she stepped in the gym it was Go time, she always reached for the heavier weights and always pushed hard for that last rep. It’s clients like this that make the program so much fun, that intrinsic drive to work hard, it makes our job easy and just a great deal of fun!

We knew Jill would be comfortable in front of the camera, but she really did light up the shoot. Full of energy and just jumping around like a crazy lady. It was fun working with Jill during the shoot, took a bit of convincing to push her outside her comfort zone but I know for me the ones she was hesitant about are my favorite photos. Even though I find high-waisted pants unnerving I will admit that Jill made them look awesome and may have slightly changed my mind about this whole high pants thing.

It was awesome working with you for the 12-weeks, never a dull moment, and I’m glad all your photos show off your hard work so well. You did great, best of luck in the rest of the challenges you choose to take on!

Your pal,

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