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Pushups to Pinups | Chandra

Those who know Chandra know that her personality is larger than life, she approached this program as a stepping stone in her fitness journey. I can safely say that because of her hard work and great work ethic it was a very large first step.

During the 12-weeks she busted her butt, just put her head down and went for it. In the short period she lost 20 lbs of fat and more importantly increased her overall strength and well-being. We saw a lot of progress with her, the most noticeable was her strength increase, and very quickly she moved her way down the dumbbell rack to the heavier weights. Throughout the program she struggled with her busy schedule and making the workouts fit in her schedule, but somehow she ended up getting through it and did such a great job with it.

Her shoot was a lot of fun, her infectious personality brightened up the shoot and made it fun for everybody that was there. She had great ideas, and was willing to try anything. Some of her best pictures were just happy accidents, and I feel this is because she came in with such a positive attitude. It was and still is a great pleasure to work with Chandra, and we look forward to helping her with those upcoming steps in her journey.

Thanks for being awesome!


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Chandra’s Second Shoot (November 2013)

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Chandra’s First Shoot (June 2013)

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