Hard Work Generates Results

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How do I write this one? The dilemma is that I know her brothers, so do I write it to make them laugh or do I stick to the routine and keep it nice and friendly? Let’s see where this goes. My first impression of Ashley was that she looked like her brothers, and that she would have an uphill battle working with such a disadvantage. Looks like I went that way.

All jokes aside Ash is a great addition to the Aspire environment, her twisted sense of humour adds a little spice to the mix here. Within a few moments of meeting Ashley anybody will recognize that she doesn’t take herself seriously, she is laid back and can make the best of any situation. As was obvious with her workouts, no matter how hard her workout she would have that silly grin of hers. Having very little experience in a gym didn’t hold her back for long, she soon started learning the ropes and just went with it. At around the halfway mark you could really start to see her hard work paying off, everything just seemed to jiggle less. I know that she struggled with balancing her workouts and her social life, but she really dialed it in the last couple of weeks, from what I’ve heard she almost didn’t have any drinks at all.

The day of her shoot… I couldn’t tell if she actually wasn’t nervous or it was just her way of masking the nerves, but she just went with it right from hair and make up to the end of the shoot without batting an eye. I will admit that the age gap between her and I was obvious, I don’t always understand what kids wear these days but regardless of my understanding she looked great in everything she wore. My favorite shot of Ash’s is easily the mirror shot, I like to think her smile is a result of me cracking some dumb joke off camera but truth is that’s just her natural grin that comes along with her wicked personality.

It’s hard not to be proud of somebody who worked so hard so what she got, she is truly a great addition to our resume of hard working ladies!

Great job,

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