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Food for thought

It’s the little things that when added up make big differences. Back in 2011 I remember surfing around the internet at other fitness/gym websites, and I noticed a very shocking trend, stock images. For those who don’t know what a stock image is, there are many photographers who take “standard” photos and sell them to the masses to use for various applications, websites, billboards, brochures etc. This bothered me, and forced me to look at our own website, and sure enough over the years we had accumulated a pretty good collection of stock photos. With this new found discovery in mind I made the decision that starting in 2012 we would no longer use stock photos, we would use our clients on our website.

The motivation behind all of this? We have awesome clients who do amazing things let’s brag about it. So when you look at aspirefitness.ca now you’ll see that every picture that has been posted since 2012 is a “real” picture of a client or something amazing they’re doing. Has it been worth it? I would say so, every once in a while when a new client comes in to check it out they will see on of our “website models” working out, and they are recognized. This moment of recognition is very rewarding, in that split instant somebody who was just a little image on a website has now been seen as a hardworking individual who has put a lot of blood sweat and tears into their accomplishments.

These are just the ramblings of a 30 years old man who didn’t get enough sleep and was taking stroll down memory lane this morning. Regardless of the motivation for writing this, the take home point is that everybody here at Aspire, both staff and clientele are a great bunch of people who do amazing things everyday and we’re very proud of them.

And now some examples of funny stock photos;

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