Hard Work Generates Results

What can be said about Lyndsey, during her time here she was a staple member of our clientele. Always positive and never straying from her goal. She had more hurdles than most in front of her during the process. Lyndsey also has the prestigious title of having the most nicknames of anybody else at Aspire, ever. Since I have known Lyndsey, I have only known her as being a hard-working, driven individual. In fact we had to keep an eye on her to ensure she wasn’t doing more than needed. Lyndsey has a serious passion for exercise and was always up for pushing herself to new levels.

Her photo shoot was a fun adventure to say the least, her nerves were all firing. Saying she was a nervous wreck would be a gross understatement. It was an uphill battle to get Lyndsey to relax and well, not look so awkward. Fueled by wine she finally began relaxing, and the true Lyndsey started to show through. The larger than life laugh finally was echoing through the location, and she started to produce some wicked photos. And is now the first, and most likely the last, person ever to wear Ninja Turtle socks. There were a few moments during her shoot that I think she put on every piece of clothing she owned and hoped it worked. Some did, some didn’t.

Congrats on the awesome work both before the shoot and at the shoot. You’re a great person to have around, and have always been a pleasure to work with. Keep up the hard work.