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Pushups to Pinups | Jill

It is always a lot of fun to watch as somebody’s body starts to change, Jill is no exception. She has been with us for a long time, being a high-level curler she has always had high training needs. During her off-season she was able to commit the time to the program. And commit she did.It seemed, for us at least, that she was always in here. At first our patience started to wear thin, but Jill has this weird way of growing on you, like a barnacle on the hull of a ship. She does have a tendency of complaining, but underneath the complaints you could always tell there was a love for the hard work. Even before the program we’ve known that she is a hard worker. Most girls have little “blips” in their training program, Jill was no exception. Her blips came in the form of Swedish Berries, affectionately earning her the nickname “Swedish Berries” for one week.

She came into the shoot with her normal level of enthusiasm. She needed some help with a glass of wine, but she threw on her first outfit and *boom* she was right at home in front of the camera. We had a lot of fun at her shoot, as we used some props unique to her. We really wanted to ensure we captured the curling part of her life, I think we can safely say we did.

It’s an interesting thing working with clients in a gym, we normally only see them in their workout clothes and when they leave, if we’ve done everything right, look like they were just in a 15 round fight. The fun part of the program is when we get to see the girls “done up”, I remember first seeing Jill getting ready for the shots in the safe. It blew my mind, I knew she was a very attractive lady, but never expected this sexy blonde to come out. I feel I have one of those jobs that even if I had complaints nobody would listen, and with days like this I can’t blame them.

Great job Jill, we knew you’d look great but didn’t expect this. Your Aspire family is very proud of you.


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