Hard Work Generates Results

The whole idea of Push-ups to Pinups is to feel good about yourself, by working hard and feeling great after the dust settles. We were very excited that Barb wanted to do the program. We’ve worked with her son for a few years now, and it was obvious how much she loves her family and that she puts them before herself.I’m sure she will describe her first day differently than we would, but I would say she came in here in better shape than she thought. She did very well with the first workout, where a lot of people feel ill or aren’t able to complete the workout, she got through it. Fast forward 12-weeks, throughout the program Barb didn’t complain once, but the last day in her quiet voice said to Jeff “I’m ready to be done”. That was her biggest complaint, if all clients could be like Barb I’m sure I wouldn’t have any grey hairs at all.

Once everybody, hair/make-up and photography, met Barb, everybody fell in love with her kind, gentle-hearted self. I think everybody involved with her, both before and at the shoot, gave a little extra. Nobody wanted to let Barb down, she had worked so hard to “spoil” herself for 12-weeks and we didn’t want anything to take away from that. Barb was nervous during the shoot, I can assume that this was a first for her, but with the kind words from her husband before her shoot, she did it! She will be the most critical of her pictures, but I can assure you everybody here is so stoked for her, and even more stoked that she has stuck around as a client.

Well done Barb! You look awesome and we couldn’t be happier for you.



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Barb’s Second Round (Nov 2013)

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Barb’s First Round (May 2013)

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