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Pushups to Pinups | Noelle

When you look back at a client’s history with Aspire it’s hard to not think of one that is as filled with achievement as Noelle’s. Noelle started with us a few years ago with our Mid-Morning boot camp and worked her way through various programs. Her accomplishments with Aspire are vast. Since starting out on her journey to being healthier she has done numerous adventure races, half marathon (coming soon) and countless fun-runs with friends. Although this is written up for Pushups to Pinups it’s important to remember it’s just the tip of the iceberg of her accolades.

It is safe to say Noelle was our most organized Pinup, she came in with almost every outfit planned out. It is appropriate that her photos are a wide range of styles. As each is a good idea of her fitness endeavors; there’s the soft feminine side, the adventurous side, the fitness side, the sexual side and the mysterious side. Without a doubt it is important to mention the story of her pink dress: back in Noelle’s high school days she wore this dress to her graduation dance. With many years of hard work, losing 80lbs of fat and hours altering the dress we are greeted with this awesome series of photos.

Congrats on your hard work, everybody here at Aspire both staff and clientele are very proud of your hard work. Keep it up, and see you at the next Adventure Race.


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Noelle’s Second Shoot

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Noelle’s First Shoot

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