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Pushups to Pinups | Gayle

There are many different directions I can go with this. So many options but which is the right one, do I bring up Gayle’s start at Aspire, do I bring up the adventure race side or do I talk about the first Pushups to Pinups workout that kicked her ass? Let’s just do them all…

Gayle first stepped foot in Aspire with the help of a Dealfind voucher. When she first stepped through the doors of Aspire she wasn’t very comfortable in the gym, having spent only a little bit of time in the gym before. She did struggle at first, but her stop-for-nothing attitude is what pushed her through the first program and onto some of our other programs. At the same time as the Dealfind Yoga Infused Fitness we were running our Adventure Race classes… she wanted in. She knew we were heading down south for a race and she wanted to be part of the trip.So we switched gears and she started getting ready for the next big milestone in her life; completing her first Tough Mudder adventure race. She trained hard and throughout the training you could see her body changing. What once was a soft stomach started to show hints of abs, her legs started revealing some nice lines. And to her dismay her butt started to shrink. At the race in San Diego she stormed the course like a champ and did awesome! Upon her return she told me she wanted to do Pushups to Pinups.

After a week of relaxing she started Pushups to Pinups. She came into the workouts cocky as can be, this can’t be harder than the adventure race training. Her tune changed pretty quick, the training for a photo shoot is much different than that of a race through mud. She sheepishly left after her first workout. For 12-weeks she pushed herself harder than I think she ever thought possible and the results were a great example of hard work.

Her shoot was a great time, the energy she brought to every workout came with her to the shoot. We couldn’t keep her away from the camera if that camera was out she wanted to be in front of it. Working with Gayle has always been a great time, everybody here is very proud of her hard work and stoked she’s here with us.




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