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Pushups to Pinups | Class of 2013 Reunion Party

Pushups to Pinups


Coming up this August will be the mark of one year of Pushups to Pinups, it’s hard to believe how quickly the program has collected momentum. By the end of this year we are prediciting that we will be over 60 models. We would like to have everybody together for a wrap party so to speak. We are going to be offering a 12-week program or 6-week program to get you ready for the shoot. The day is looking like it will start early afternoon and will end with a big group picture followed by a party. After the group shoot we will open the set up to friends and family.If you don’t want to do the program we would love for you to come for the group shot and stick around for the party after.


$200 deposit
6-week program (starts Oct 14th) – $170/biweekly
12-week program (starts Sept 2nd) – $150/biweekly

The Program

The training program will be similar but will be tweaked from what we are doing now with the program. But it will have the full homework and meal plan as well. For those who have used their shoot as a stepping stone towards their ultimate fitness goal, this is a good chance to get another progress pic so to speak.

Photo Shoot

November 23rd, 2013 – In order to get the number of girls we’re aiming for here we will have to tightly manage our time, we are going to set up 6 different scenes for the shoot, you will be able to choose two of them. We will be scheduling each girl 15 mins per scene. Once your scene is done you’ll be able stick around or take off and come back later. Tentatively we’re scheduling the group shot for 730pm… with tear down of the set starting at 8pm and doors open for friends and family at 830pm. These times are loose predictions and are subject to change. We will know better when we have our numbers figured out.

Schedule – Please advise before Monday Oct 28th if there is a conflict

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled Shoot Time. You will be able to step out between your shoot time and the group shot at 8pm.

Group Shot – 8pm

We are going to be trying a few different things here. We will be doing with everybody wearing their Pushups to Pinups shirts (I will be sure to get everybody pink ones that fit prior to the shoot). Even if you’re not able to do the full shoot before hand please come by just for the group shot. I’m really looking forward to this and I think it will be such a cool shot.

After Party

I would say this is the reason most of you will be doing this reunion. It will be catered, we will have music and some wonderful times. Come for a bit or stay all night. As long as you’re a responsible adult the world is your oyster.

You (free) and one guest ($30) are invited to the P2P wrap-up party but must pre-register, dress cute!
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Just like before, just put your down payment down and we will start billing the first week of the program. We ask that people commit before August 23rd, 2013!


More Details to come…

November 23rd Shoot Schedule, please take a look at the shoot schedule if there is any conflicts please let Sherri (sherri@aspirefitness.ca) know before October 31st, 2013)


Homework Schedule

Cardio Schedule

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