Hard Work Generates Results

Pushups to Pinups | Brette

Brette has been with us for some time, she is part of Team Thurston a curling team we have been working with for about a year prior to P2P. Brette and her teammates watched other ladies go through the program and upon finishing their season, Brette started up her Pushups to Pinups journey.

There was never any doubt in anybody’s mind that she would work hard during the program and she didn’t disappoint. She always came in, gave it her full effort and made awesome progress. Throughout the program we saw Brette’s body change a lot, over the course of the 12 weeks she was thrilled to see the new transformations taking place to an already always-athletic body. Week by week we saw her body change, shoulders would start to show a little more, stomach would get flatter and finally ended with a butt you could bounce quarters off of.

I remember a conversation with Brette early in the program where she stated “I don’t know about this photo shoot idea”. I told her to shut up and that it was going to happen, that’s what she signed up for. We kept reassuring her that she would do great and all the photos would fit into her comfort level. Up until the shoot itself, and even during the shoot she kept muttering “I don’t know about this” to herself. Regardless of any of her hesitation she did awesome during the 12-week program and really stepped up to the plate at the shoot, once we were able to get some real smiles out of you!

Congrats on all your hard work, you really did look awesome and were a great pleasure to work with during the shoot… not so much during the training, but overall a fairly pleasant experience on our side of things. All your friends at Aspire are very proud of your accomplishment.



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