Hard Work Generates Results



1.1 | Pushups – 10 x 10 Reps
1.2 | Skipping – 10 x 30 Seconds
1.3 | Pushpress (Dumbbell) – 10 x 10 Reps
1.4 | Mountain Climbers – 10 x 30 Seconds
1.5 | Split Squat – 10 x 10 Reps
1.6 | Mat Hops – 10 x 30 Seconds
1.7 | Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl – 10 x 20 Reps
1.8 | Jumping Jacks – 10 x 30 Seconds


Pushups | Start with your hands just outside shoulder width, place your toes (or knees) behind you. Try to balance the weight evenly between your hands and toes (or knees). Be sure to keep a straight line between your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. From this position lower your body towards the ground having your chest touch the ground. Once you’ve reached the ground push through your hands to return yourself back to the starting position.
Skipping | Standard skipping with rope.
Pushpress (Dumbbell) | With dumbbells on your shoulders and feet shoulder width apart, lower yourself to the ground (keeping weight on your heels), about 90 degrees at the knee, now explode up pushing the dumbbells over your head. When finished the movement you should be completely stretched out. Lower the dumbbells back to your shoulders and repeat.
Mountain Climbers | From a high plank position, weight on your hands and toes on the ground. Have one foot come forward so it starts under your chest. From this starting stance, jump up and switch your foot position. Repeat for the other side and so on.
Split Squat | With one leg forward and two dumbbells on either side of your hips. Lower your body straight down, so just before your knee touches the ground, both knees are at 90 degrees. If you find you’re less than 90 degrees spread your feet further apart. At the bottom of the movement your front foot should be flat on the ground and your back foot be up on your toes.
Mat Hops | with your hands on a mat and both feet on the other side of the mat forcefully push yourself over the mat so your feet are now on the other side. Be sure to keep your feet together and to keep your hands planted in the push-up position.
Swiss Ball Hamstring Curl | Laying on your back with your heels on an exercise ball lift your hips off the ground and pull the ball underneath you. Return to starting position, don’t let your hips drop back to the ground.
Jumping Jacks | Standard Jumping Jack