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Pushups to Pinups | Suzanne


Suzanne is an interesting model (second time around), after she completed the program back in August 2012 she looked great and was a great example of the program. Since she first did the program, Pushups to Pinups has changed a fair bit. We have made tweaks to the program to polish it up and create a better product for our clients. Suzanne is the very clear example of the adjustments we have made.

When “Suze” started round two she wanted a rocking six pack. The adjustments we made we geared to this very goal. I think one of Suze’s greatest accomplishments of the whole program is what actually happened between the end of the first and the start of the second. Having learnt a few key things during her first go she applied them to her life outside of Aspire and actually came into the second round in better shape than she left off after the first. Having already gone through the program and understanding the key principles of working out she was able to jump right in and lift heavier weights than she did before. Suzanne is a good example of how lifting heavy weights don’t make you big and bulky.  Her biggest gains happened when she started lifting heavier weights, her abs started popping out, her arms looked nice and lean, her head looked giant (inside joke) and her legs looked better than ever.

Suzanne has always been comfortable in front of the camera and her second shoot was no different from the first. Like a fish to water the camera started snapping and she was in her element. I will let her photos speak for themselves… they are truly an example of what hard work can do.

Everybody here at Aspire is very proud of Suzanne for sticking with the healthy lifestyle she set out for herself. And striving to do the best she can. Thanks for being so awesome!


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