Hard Work Generates Results

Some of you may know that our slogan is “Hard Work Generates Results” I would like to share with you a story about hard work and the results that come from it. About four years ago a young lady from BC moved to Winnipeg and was looking for help continuing her weight loss journey. Oddly enough a cousin of mine from BC directed her to Aspire. So we sat down and chatted she had convinced me that a program for her to do on her own was the best option. This last weekend she admitted to me that she did the workout once. This is why I don’t like doing home workouts. Fast forward two years, she’s back. She’s made some progress but hadn’t gotten to her original goal (I think it was to get back to birth weight or something silly like that).

Now she was serious about getting to a healthy weight, so we figured out a healthy weight using her body fat and not just body weight (very important to know the difference). And we pushed forward, she ended up doing our Pushups to Pinups program (her and two other ladies were the guinea pigs for the program). Take a look at her photos. She did awesome with the program and looked awesome. She kept up the workouts she had learned with us and kept moving forward towards her goal even after the shoot. About 11 weeks ago her and I were met up at Joeys to catch up and see what was new. After a few adult beverages we both agreed to have her do the Pushups to Pinups program again. Now the coolest part is that the program has changed a lot since she did it last, so I was excited to see the differences. She shoots tomorrow, so keep your eyes on aspirefitness.ca to see her latest photos. If you want a taste of that Suzanne charm to hold you over you can take a look at her video series she did detailing her experiences with the program.

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