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Pushups to Pinups | Jen


KMP03279 (1280x853)I had this letter to Jen all planned out in my head but after her shoot and going out with her after I was reminded just how far she had come along, so I tossed that one out and started this one. After the shoot myself, Jen, her husband and her friend (also a client at Aspire), and Jen’s parents went out for some well-deserved drinks and food. As the drinks started flowing the stories started pouring out, and I was reminded how Jen came across Aspire. I will admit I don’t always remember client’s first few times with us and I had completely forgotten about Jen’s first day with us. My memory was jogged by a quick story of forgetting shoes for the first workout. We can chalk Jen up as a Dealfind client, somebody who had come in to try our Yoga Infused Fitness and moved onto something more challenging. She confessed that she hated the first workout, it was hard and not what she expected. But she stuck with it… for whatever reason.

Since her first days with us as a Yoga Infused Fitness client she moved onto our Tough Mudder bootcamp, where she pushed herself hard and showed that she was dedicated to exercise and would always push it. During this bootcamp Jen stood out in everybody’s mind, for whatever reason when Jen works out she makes very loud “exercise” noises, ones that if you weren’t in a gym would make you uncomfortable. They just made me giggle.

From time to time I like to take on little projects; Jen was a project of mine. I wanted her to feel comfortable in her skin. So I approached her and asked if she wanted to do it, she hesitantly responded “I don’t think that’s for me, but can I think about it?” I was hoping she would be willing to do it, to take that plunge. She did and we started a couple of weeks later. The program started with her sending me a frantic email, filled with confusion about the program and doubt in herself that she would ever understand it. It looked like my project was going to be more work than I thought. Regardless I wanted her to know that we all had faith in her, and that we were going to get her comfortable in her skin. Fast forward to week six.

Around the middle of the program everything started clicking for Jen, her diet made sense to her and her workouts were going strong and all her measurements were heading in the right direction. She was loving the program and the results she was getting from all her hard work. Fast forward to week ten. The program changes very suddenly with two weeks to go, and she was feeling it. I could tell that she was starting to waver that we needed to get her done quickly. She started fretting that she wouldn’t be ready, and reassured her to “Trust the Process” and she did. I would often catch her mumbling that to herself during workouts. Fast forward to the day of her shoot.

I had her come in the morning of her shoot to get one final workout in, she was holding a little too much water so we taped a garbage bag to her and she rode the bike for 2 hours. So there she was riding the bike getting all gross and sweaty and with 15 minutes left, incredibly bored asked if she could fold some of our laundry. I told her she wouldn’t be able to do it to my satisfaction (one of my many OCDs). After her bike ride she geared down to her sports bra and shorts stepped on the scale and was excited that she was able to shed one pound of water, the real awesome part came when she walked past a mirror and caught her abs in the reflection. It had happened she had abs.

It turns out when you put this normally very bubbly person in front of a camera she becomes a deer in headlights. Drink more wine. OK a little more relaxed, a little more wine and boom there she is, dancing and being her awesome high energy self. There is one moment in every girl’s shoot that I love and I will remember Jen’s for the rest of my life. She was sitting there on a piano looking sexy as can be, Kelly showed her a picture of her and her response “Oh my god is that me?” for me that is one of the best things I can hear.

Jen I want to thank you for trusting the process and letting us at Aspire prove to you that you are as beautiful as you are fun to be around. I look forward to hanging your picture on the wall of fame!

“Eye of the tiger, bitches!”


Jen’s Second Round (Nov 2013)

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Jen’s First Round (April 2013)

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