Hard Work Generates Results

Pushups to Pinups | Jaclyn

How do I go about writing this, it’s hard to give somebody praise when they’re their own biggest critic. The program showed many great changes for Jaclyn, the most impressive I would say were her arms, every girl throughout the program kept talking about how big of a difference they saw in Jaclyn’s arms, and they were right her “pythons” formed quickly and with every week just kept getting better and better.When she first started the program she told me that she was going to give 210% I originally called her bluff, but she proved me wrong. She came in here and just powered through her workouts, either here or at Shapes she was always pushing it hard. Now Jaclyn had some unique hurdles during her training, some we have seen before but never this extreme. See Jaclyn’s husband loves Pizza, and extra cheesy pizza, this was tough for her but she was able to see past the pizza and look forward to her end goal. Her husband did confirm that she never ate any of the pizza, just got mad at him instead.

We’re all very proud of what Jaclyn has accomplished, we know it wasn’t easy for her but it makes the end result that much sweeter. Congrats, you looked awesome and we’re all very proud of you.



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