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Pushups to Pinups | Sherri


Sherri is one of those clients who had never really worked out in a gym before; most of her exercise had come from running. Her eagerness to learn and push herself quickly had her lifting heavy weights over her head, squatting her body weight and doing things she never thought possible. Most of the girls occasionally have what we call “a breakdown” normally tears are shed, frustrations vented, but not with Sherri; she kept her chin up and just kept on working hard, no matter what set, what day, she gave 100% every rep.

On numerous occasions I have described Sherri as the nicest person I’ve ever met. In fact when I was discussing the pinups to Kelly and Melissa all I said was Sherri is the nicest person ever. After they had met her they both agreed. I remember during her shoot Kelly was trying to get her to show her angry face, oddly enough her “angry face” has an ear to ear smile. We shot Sherri in April, with snow accumulating on the ground, but she wanted a shot with her husband’s motorcycle. So the bike was trailered in, parking lot shoveled and we shot her in the back of Aspire. It’s important to remember that everybody else there was wearing jackets, pants, toques and we were still cold. Sherri was there in a bra and some riding gear and that great smile never left her face. Standing there next to her husband, both of us looking at her with eyes of pride was a surreal experience.

I’m very thankful we have clients like Sherri; they are the best part of our day and always a pleasure to have around. I know Sherri is planning on joining us for some Adventure races and we’re glad to keep such a wonderful person at Aspire. Thanks for being awesome and thanks for being the biggest smile in the place, now go buy some properly fitting pants and let’s get training for your next goal!



Sherri’s second round (November 2013)

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Sherri’s first round (April 2013)

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