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Pushups to Pinups | Nikki


This mother of two was so much fun to work with. She is such a caring person and a pleasure to be around. She was another Pinup who had never really spent much time in a gym before. The whole lifting weights idea was new to her. But she approached it like a champ… just kept on trucking and working hard.

I believe it was week 8 where she started struggling with juggling the program and the rest of her mother/wife responsibilities. This is always a challenge for the girls, it can be a lot to ask of friends and family, but Nikki has a very supportive family and she pushed forward. I remember after that bad week for her we did a set of measurements. She was there in my office I asked her to lift up her shirt so I could do some skinfolds, I was shocked at what I saw. There 4 weeks before her shoot was 6 very distinct abs. “Ummm Nikki you have a six pack” I stated, her response “Oh yeah I got that last week”.

The day of her shoot… I walked into Puressence, there she sat getting her make up done by one of the talented staff there. Wow she looked amazing! I took a quick peak at her water levels for the shoot, and gave her the go ahead to start sipping some wine. She came out with wine for herself and some mimosas for us. Nikki you’re awesome! She came out in her first outfit, boom gorgeous. Next outfit a pair of jeans and bikini top, boom incredible. There were a lot of boom moments during her shoot. Now this jeans and bikini top outfit is a tough one for most women to pull off, she was nailing it. Now the best outfit, the one that stopped traffic. Her Canada Goose jacket, moccasins, bra and underwear. She came out in this and everybody was floored. The plan to get some shots of her on Portage Ave, so we waited for a break in traffic stepped out on the road, and boom started shooting her. Opposing traffic started honking, it was official, the people have spoken she was a babe. We continued to shoot outside, I was having a great time watching people strain their necks as they drove by trying to get a quick glimpse of this mega babe. I’m very surprised there were no accidents that day on Portage Ave.

It was when I saw Nikki with her kids and husband that I truly grasped how great Nikki is, her love for her two girls is palpable. Her love for her husband immeasurable. The look on her husband’s face when he saw Nikki was awesome, it was a combination of pride, amazement and unadulterated fun. I know we here are all very proud of you, only second to the pride your family had for you when they saw you at your shoot. Great job and thanks for being the person you are!



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