Hard Work Generates Results

The snow is melting (well sort of) and that can only mean one thing… Adventure Race season is upon us! This years keynote event… The Dirty Donkey! Get your Donkey in shape for Winnipeg’s premiere adventure race, often imitated never replicated, this race is fun and challenging all rolled into one. Don’t be left out sign up today and get 10% off of our Blood Sweat and Mud Boot-camp. We start it up May 6th, and will have 3 phases with each phase lasting only 5-weeks. And you guessed it the final phase takes us up to race day for the Dirty Donkey. Be sure to sign up for the Dirty Donkey to receive your 10% discount code!

Only $150 for 5 weeks (3 workouts/week)… SIGN UP TODAY!


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We have split our camps into 2 groups, we have the new-comers, and the experienced racers.

Phase 3 – July 16th to August 16th ( 5 weeks)

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My clothes are still clean



Eventbrite - Blood Sweat and Mud - Clean Shirts.3 (Winnipeg 2013)

Monday, Wednesdays @ 730p and Saturdays at Noon

Let’s face it, on first glance an adventure race looks scary. Let us get you ready for the new and unknown. Our New-Comers Blood Sweat and Mud Bootcamp will get you prepped for one of the funnest sports around. We will be focusing on the skills needed to finish the race and make it to the beer gardens.

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I’ve crawled through mud



Eventbrite - Blood Sweat and Mud - Dirty Shirts.3 (Winnipeg 2013)

Tuesdays, Thursdays @ 730p and Saturdays at 1pm

So you’ve run through some mud, maybe jumped over a hay-bail, you know what adventuring racing is all about, but now you want to get better at it. This is where our Experienced Racers Bootcamp fits in. It will be more challenging, focusing more on the improving performance as well as key skills for the race.

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Phase 1 – May 6th to June 8th
Phase 2 – June 10th to July 13th
Phase 3 – July 15th to August 16th (Friday)