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Pushups to Pinups | Shannon


Shannon has been around my life for the past four years, having been on a few trips with her and her boyfriend I knew her from a friend side of things but never from a fitness side. From what she had told me most of her time at the gym was spent on a treadmill “people watching” and occasionally picking up a 5lb dumbbell. I believe while sipping an adult beverage Shannon had brought up that she would like to do the program but was scared, thanks to the liquid courage by the end of the evening she had agreed to do the program. We started that Monday.She made her way into the gym and with her standard angry yet happy demeanor got her measurements and went over the program with me. I remember her asking if she can do something on top of the program, I chuckled and said “sure go for it”. With this attitude she started her first workout… let’s just say the way she started and ended after that first day were very different. If memory serves the phrase “I’m going to die” was used almost exclusively throughout her first workout. Juggling her school, work and now the added workload of the program was no easy task. Somehow she always managed to crack a smile. Now for those who know Shannon know that a smile from her will usually be accompanied by some off mark comment about how much she hates something. This was a normal occurrence at the gym.

The weeks leading up to her shoot, were trying, not for her but for us. She was driving us insane, so worried that she wouldn’t have abs, I assured her that she would have abs the morning of the shoot but she never believed me. The morning of the shoot I got a text message with a photo attached, a quick blurb “I guess you were right” and a picture of some rockin’ abs. So now it was time to get her all pretty for her shoot, the staff at Puressence did an amazing job and having Shannon’s natural beauty come through, she didn’t look like a doll she looked like this beautiful pin-up. All the shoots are fun, but Shannon’s was a great time, she was full of energy, and only once looked nervous. As soon as her hair was done and Melissa said “ok you’re good to go”, the look of “I’m going to die” came across her, one big sip of wine, and boom we were going.

Shannon, I’m very proud of you, you never strayed from your goal you just kept on going. I’m glad we had so much time together and such a great shoot. Clients like you are why this job is so rewarding. Glad to have you as a friend.


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