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Pushups to Pinups | Oceane


One of the best parts of Pushups to Pinups is that there are some times where you get to introduce somebody to the gym for the first time. Oceane’s time here is exactly that, never having been in a gym before everything to her was new. Regardless of being “fresh” to the fitness scene she took to working out like a fish does to water, put her head down and powered through the new challenge she set out for herself.

Common with most new Pinups is the overwhelming sense of the time requirements for the program, and it is a lot, but Oceane being the keen go-getter she is shuffled her schedule around and just like that she had made it work. We’re very proud of her and all the hard work she put in, it was a bit of a longer journey for her as we had to “teach” her about the gym first, but even with that going against her she rocked the shoot and looked great!

Well done Oceane, all of us here at Aspire and the rest of your Pushups to Pinups crew are very proud of you!



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