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Pushups to Pinups | Jodi


One of my favorite things to do when I’m having a slow day is to go back and look at our wall of fame and reminisce about the stories behind all of the different clients. I’m glad I finally have a photo of Jodi, because she started with us many years ago. Jodi and her fiancé joined us to get in shape for their wedding. If I recall correctly I asked for a photo of them for my wall many times, but never got one! Now I have awesome photos to choose from that I could pepper all over our walls.Jodi has many great qualities going for her, besides having an awesome last name, her positive attitude and larger than life laugh was always welcomed. Even when the days were wearing thin and she was looking forward to the end of the program she would still walk in with that ear to ear smile of hers, those who know her will know what I’m talking about. The week of the shoot Jodi came in for a workout and I remember looking at her, well not her but the jeans she was wearing… they looked like she was wearing a diaper. Saggy bums don’t look good on anybody. This lead to the day of her shoot where every piece of clothing she had with her was new with tags.

Seeing her come to this goal was a great experience, she is such a dedicated person with so much focus and drive that to see her have 12-weeks of non-stop dedication come to an end was awe inspiring. I’m so glad she brought her family to the shoot, knowing just how supportive of her they were it seemed appropriate that they got sometime in front of the camera. Plus she has super cute kids, so that’s fun too.


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