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Pushups to Pinups | McKenzie


As I sit here sipping my morning coffee the day after McKenzie’s shoot, I can’t help but sit back and have a chuckle. I will elaborate on that in a bit. I would like to start this by talking about McKenzie’s first experience with Pushups to Pinups. It started with her intercepting me in the back room while I was changing the stereo, and in her sheepish self said she wanted to do the program. How could I say no? I knew she would give it her all and not stop till we said so… and she did.

Through out the program you spend a lot of time at Aspire which can be draining, but McKenzie always came in with a big smile and a positive attitude. She was always there to encourage other people while pushing herself past what she could do. It’s safe to say we can break McKenzie’s time here into two parts, the first 10-weeks and the last 2-weeks. And for those who have or will do the program later on you will find out more about this. The last two weeks are hard, like very hard, it was becoming obvious that it was all coming to an end and she was ready for it to be over. At the shoot she told me that 2 days before she had spent 25 minutes walking on a treadmill crying. This is hard to hear, but it’s a mix of tears of joy/frustration/exhaustion, and is to be expected. The day before the shoot she came in for one more workout, 2 hours on the bike while wearing a garbage bag. In all honesty she didn’t have to wear the garbage bag, but we thought it would be funny… and it was!

Thanks to McKenzie every time I’m having a bad day I can think of her walking in for hair and makeup the day of her shoot. For those who don’t know McKenzie, she is confident person who just seems like nothing could phase her and her giant smile. Even as I’m writing this I’m laughing, but she walked through the door, handed me a tupperware of cookies, “I couldn’t sleep so I baked cookies” she said, hands shaking and white as a ghost. It’s funny to me because it was unexpected, I did not foresee this I was expecting her to walk in and take a couple of deep breathes and kill it. Being the resourceful person I am, grabbed her a glass of wine, I turned my head to do something else and when I turned back the glass was empty and she was asking for the bottle. Now please remember that this was about an hour before she would even be in front of the camera. So there she sat with a glass of wine and Pinterest on her phone getting her hair started. It looked awesome. Move over to makeup and about 30 minutes later she was ready for her shoot. Now her first set of photos was actually a fluke, she was just sitting on a chair relaxing but she had this look to her… so we rolled with it and *boom* just like that we were shooting her. Once she started to get into her groove the real McKenzie came out, the laughing high energy person we have come to know and love at Aspire. It was a great pleasure to see her work her magic.

Since McKenzie has started working with us (she is our Yoga Instructor) she has always been the biggest smile in the room, always full of energy and positivity, and has been a great addition to the Aspire family. Seeing her realize a goal of hers was a very proud moment for me. It was hard for me to hold back my smile during her shoot, she looked so beautiful and it was obvious she was having a great time. Throughout life there are certain people who’s paths you cross and you feel richer having done so, McKenzie is one of these people in my life. I can say without a shadow of a doubt for what we have done for her, she has given back tenfold to us in joy and an overall sense of pride. Thank you for being the person you are and thanks for never straying from that even when you were having a bad day at the gym.



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