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Pushups to Pinups | Jody

What can be said about Jody? I would start by saying she was going for the whole model experience and showed up an hour late for her hair and makeup. Great way to begin the day of shooting.After her hair and makeup were done for the fitness shots we had her come out in her first outfit (an outfit of her choice), I’m glad a picture is worth a 1000 words because I wouldn’t be able to describe it in less than that. The best I could do is a combination of Flashdance meets Rocky Horror Picture Show meets yoga class. It was a great choice for her and was a perfect fit for her bubbly personality. It’s important to know Jody’s background, cause if you didn’t you’d think she was just a crazy person who watched too much Much Music as a kid, Jody has a background in dance… and it really showed. Her high energy filled the shoot with an unmeasurable amount of enthusiasm. Her shoot began with her busting out some of her sweet dance moves. After all the hippy hoppiting was done we had a wardrobe change. I can’t even remember what this one was, all I can remember is a blur of clothing. She had more outfits than anybody I’ve ever seen before. Clothing change after clothing change she kept filling the room up with what can only be described now as “Watson” if you know any of them you will understand how this word can be used.Jody will pretend that she was here every morning at 6am, this would be an exaggeration. It is true that Jody was here almost every day but it would be safer to say she was here every day after 6am. No matter when she showed up for her workouts she came in with that go gett’r attitude we had come to know at Aspire. Everybody around her instantly fell in love with her charm and ardor. Our time we spend with Jody was and always has been a great time at the gym. We are truly grateful to have people like this in our life she makes bad days good and good days great. Thanks for putting in all your effort and being the wicked person you are.



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