Hard Work Generates Results


Aside from that incredibly cliche post title, Aspire really is different from any other gym. To even call it a gym is a little misleading. A lot of gyms you walk in and see rows upon rows of people all using the same cardio machines and weights. At Aspire, there is surprisingly very little equipment. This is partly because of the fact that you can’t just walk in and buy a membership like you can at other gyms. Instead, a personalized plan is developed for you and your goals that you are held accountable to. The other aspect is, a lot of the training is on very specialized equipment, or using your own body to build strength. While a lot of people dread going to ‘the gym’ because of how repetitive it can get, with Aspire you really never know what you are walking into. A different workout awaits every time you arrive, and with such a range of clientele the environment is always changing. One day you could walk in to find a group of aspiring Pinups working on becoming photo-ready, or a bootcamp of dedicated people training for an adventure race. As you go through your workout you can look around and be inspired by the new client full of energy on their first day and remember when that was you, or be motivated by a long-time athlete who is completing exercises that you aspire to achieve one day. The atmosphere is supportive rather than intimidating. Instead of finding people walking around listening to their iPods and ignoring each other while they try to lift more weight than you, you’ll find the diverse clientele talking to each other about their progress, or participating in some healthy competition by seeing who can run faster on the Curve.

Another very unique feature that Aspire has is we track your individual workouts so that all trainers on staff are aware of where you are at in your progress. If you walk in and think that one trainer is going to take it easy on you because they don’t know what you did last time, forget it! It is just as if each trainer has been with you every step of the way. So when you see your trainer walking around with an iPad, they aren’t always breaking high score records on Angy Birds, they are tracking every move you make. Where other gyms train their clients according to a pre-set program they developed in the beginning of your training and stick to it, Aspire’s dynamic programing is always changing along the way to maximize results (sometimes even halfway through your workout it will be completely switched up), based on what data has been recorded from your previous workouts. This gives you, the client, a huge advantage as your progress isn’t repressed by a pre-planned workout. Why stay at one level for a whole week or longer if you are exceling and reaching new heights faster than anticipated?

Aspire doesn’t limit clientele or compartmentalize our programs but rather draws from diverse knowledge to pick key aspects of every sport to provide truly unique products. We have no ‘niche’ or limits. We aren’t just a yoga studio, a bootcamp, a gym, or hockey training camp. We are all of those things, plus everything in between. Imagine knowing that you could go from starting out with the goal of wanting to be more in shape and end up training for an adventure race. Perhaps you began going to Aspire because you wanted to look good for an upcoming tropical vacation and then found yourself starring in your own professional photo shoot. You wanted to lose some weight you gained over the years and then decided you wanted to train for a fitness competition. You wanted more energy throughout the day and are now pursuing a new occupation and are looking to condition your body for it.

These are just a few reasons as to why we are different and why our success rate with clients reaching their goals is so high. Check our wall of fame – it speaks for itself.