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Pushups to Pinups | Amber


My first memory of Amber… well that’s an interesting story. Amber’s first day at Aspire was a rough one to say the least, she didn’t make it through the workout, she spent some time passed out on the bathroom floor (note to new clients: do not lock the bathroom door if you’re feeling dizzy) and when not horizontal she was puking in her mouth. I remember thinking to myself “Oh great this is going to be a fun one to work with”. Little did I know…

To say she was a pleasure to work with would be a lie. Her sharp attitude on more than one occasion put me over the edge. The saving grace for her was I knew she was giving 100% every time she set foot in the gym. All frustrations aside she was a great example of what Pushups to Pinups can do. She came to us 13 weeks before the shoot just your average girl, and busted her butt for a solid 13 weeks and came out as this beautiful Pinup.The day we did her shoot was a first for me, we actually turned the gym into a photo studio. Amber in her punctual fashion showed up early with bags of clothes and I mean vacation-sized luggage bags. She had her makeup done by Puressence earlier that day, and she looked phenomenal. A little nervous but still looked great. Since she was so early we had some time to kill, so we sat in my office while she sipped on scotch and I sipped on a Long Island Iced Tea, hoping to calm her nerves. This was all very new to her as it was her first professional shoot, but she seemed to be settling down. Then Kelly showed up… and her face went white. It took Kelly about 30 minutes to set up, during that time little shy Amber was pacing back and forth, playing on her phone. It was time to start, she disappeared into the change room and came out in her first outfit, a simple sports bra and shorts. So there she stood like an awkward teenager at their first dance. This was going to require some work. Kelly snapped a few photos and showed Amber, and then that look on her face, the look of “Wow that’s me?!” and BOOM she snapped into some alter ego and started lighting up the shoot. Her great smile finally started coming out. A few outfit changes later and we were having a full on shoot. Lots of laughs (finally) and some great shots came out of it.

Throughout the program there is a lot of stress on both sides, clients feel the stress of the program and we feel the stress of the different emotions from the clients. I will admit that a week prior to the shoot, Amber frustrated me to a point where I had to walk away from it for a couple of hours. I wanted to pull the plug on the shoot, a note to future pinups… follow your diet, no silly alterations, we know what we’re doing! Despite all my prior frustration the look on Amber’s face after the shoot was worth it. She had accomplished something special, something she had doubted she could do. It’s moments like this that make the long hours and hard work worth it.

I would like to thank Amber from the bottom of my heart for putting in the hard work and being another proud photo on our wall of fame!


Amber’s Second Round (Nov 2013)

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Amber’s First Round (Dec 2012)

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